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    Best Auto Upholstery Services Orlando FL

    auto upholstery Orlando FL

    Customers look to us for the best auto upholstery services in Orlando, Florida. Our local shop works on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and other passenger vehicles. We use high-quality leather, vinyl, fabric, and custom upholstery. You can have us repair, replace, or update your vehicle's interior or convertible top. We specialize in leather car seat restoration and custom services in Greater Orlando. We work on all types of projects, from motorcycle seat restoration to Captain Chairs in RVs. Explore our services and decide which is best for you. We have experienced and highly trained technicians who will enhance your driving experience.

    For added convenience, we offer mobile services to fix headliners in cars. You can save time by having us come to you. Whether you choose in-shop or on-site, you’ll get the best auto upholstery services. Our Orlando shop guarantees professional results on all interior repairs and replacement jobs. We can rejuvenate and restore motorcycle seats and interiors of cars, trucks, or RVs. If you’ve been searching for the “best automotive reupholstery near me,” contact us! We proudly serve the Greater Orlando, Florida area and make rides more comfortable.

    Leather Car Seat Upholstery

    Whether you want to replace your auto upholstery for leather, or you need your current leather car seats reupholstered, we are the crew for the job. Our leather car seat upholsterers have mastered their skills. Auto leather reupholstery requires the proper tools, training and skills to be done correctly. We also provide leather seat repair, leather coloring and dyeing services. If you have a specific request for custom leather seat upholstery, send us a request and we will love to discuss your project with you.

    Car Seat Reupholstery

    car seat upholstery Orlando FL

    Car seat reupholstery is a project best left to experienced professionals. DIY auto interior repairs take a lot of time and require the proper tools. If the seat upholstery is the wrong size, the job becomes more costly. You can rely on our Orlando shop for any car interior repairs or replacement services. We use high-quality materials and have a team of skilled technicians. You can have us match the existing colors of the seat upholstery or give you a completely different look. Choose from leather, vinyl, or fabric, and let us restore your auto’s interior. 

    We specialize in car seat reupholstery services for customers across Greater Orlando, Florida. If you need vinyl repairs or leather restoration, our local shop can help. We work on all types of vehicles, including SUVs, vans, convertibles, and trucks. Our technicians reupholster car seats for drivers and passengers, including row seating. It takes our professionals less time than it would for you to complete a DIY project. We offer free quotes and competitive prices on our car seat upholstery services. Our Orlando shop will go above and beyond to restore your vehicle’s interior.

    Custom Auto Upholstery

    Look no further for “custom automotive upholstery near me” in Orlando, Florida. Our local shop can work with you to change your vehicle’s interior. Some customers find ideas online that feature unique prints and fabrics. We offer full custom auto upholstery services to bring your vision to reality. Tell us what areas of the vehicle you want to be redesigned, and we’ll do the job. You get to select the material, pattern, color, and texture that best expresses your style. We specialize in installing custom car headliners and new seat upholstery. Our local shop can even replace your steering wheel cover with new leather or vinyl. You can have us customize all or some of the vehicle upholstery.

    Our Orlando shop does a lot of custom seat cover and headliner fabric installation jobs. We love working with customers to create a look unlike any other car on the road. Many requests for custom auto upholstery are to redesign the vehicle. You may be able to avoid vinyl car seat repairs by having us conceal flaws with covers. We also sometimes recommend custom services to fix headliners in cars. Our techs will achieve the look you desire regardless of the project and vehicle model. Custom auto upholstery services transform interiors and increase resale values. We offer competitive prices and free quotes to the Greater Orlando area.

    Leather Seat Repair and Replacement

    If the leather seats in your car are wearing down, you may need repair and replacement services. Luxury vehicles are built to last but often need interior maintenance as time goes by. Our shop performs leather car seat restorations in Orlando, Florida. Depending on the damage, we can either repair or replace the vehicle upholstery. Our technicians can fix padding, split seams, cracks, rips, tears, and other issues. For extensive damage beyond car interior leather repair, we can replace the seats. New vehicle upholstery will help preserve your automobile for years to come. 

    Leather seat repair and replacement can also increase the value of your high-end car. Keep your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Porsche, or Land Rover in mint condition. We service vehicles made by all manufacturers, domestic and foreign. Our Orlando shop has highly trained and skilled technicians that work with precision. We use the proper tools and have an eye for detail when performing leather car seat restoration. You can opt for color matching or dyeing services for the vehicle upholstery project. We can also work with you on a custom design for your leather seats. Our local automotive upholstery shop offers free quotes and competitive prices. We’ll assess the condition of the leather seats and see if you need repair or replacement.

    Auto Leather Reupholstery Orlando Florida

    Seat Cover Installation

    Car seat cover installation is a cost-effective solution that may be right for you. Different from vehicle upholstery services, no cushioning gets replaced. Our Orlando shop can do the car seat cover installation for you. Doing this as a DIY project can take several hours or days. Having our professionals do the job will save you time and give you superior results. Cover installation costs less than completely reupholstering car seats. If the padding is in good condition, this service can act as an auto interior repair. The covers will conceal any damage and flaws while delivering a brand new look. 

    You can choose the material and design you want for the seat upholstery. Our experienced technicians can match colors or work with you on a custom design. You can choose leather or vinyl and increase your vehicle’s resale value. Certain fabrics offer temperature cooling benefits, perfect for the Florida heat. Our technicians can discuss the different options with you. Professional car seat cover installation secures the upholstery. You won’t have to worry about the fabric slipping or coming undone as you drive. Our local upholstery shop offers free quotes and competitive prices to Greater Orlando.

    RV Upholstery Shop

    Our team is one of the few in the Orlando area that specializes in RV, camper, and motorhome Upholstery. If the furniture and seating in your RV has wear and tear, call us today and send us a photo - we can provide an affordable quote for the reupholstery services you are looking for. We do RV upholstery replacement, as well as camper upholstery. Looking online for “RV upholstery shop near me”? Please give us a call today! We will get you on the schedule for the project, and your RV interior will look and feel brand new. 

    rv upholstery Orlando FL

    Car Headliner Repair

    Car Roof Lining Repair and Replacement Cost

    One downfall of living in The Sunshine State is that roof upholstery in vehicles starts to sag. The humidity and hot weather often create the need for auto interior repairs. Overheating, age, and poor maintenance can cause roof linings to fall. You can stop frantically searching for “auto headliner repair near me” because we can fix it. Our local shop in Orlando, FL, provides professional car roof upholstery services. We offer in-shop and mobile services to fix headliners in vehicles.

    DIY tricks you find online to repair auto headliners will not last. Tips recommend using tacks, hairspray, or a steamer on car roof upholstery. These temporary fixes can cause more damage, and you’ll eventually need a replacement. New headliner fabric installation costs more than professional repair services. Our experts will inspect the damage, then use high-quality tools and materials. We’ll come up with the best solutions that will stand up to the Florida weather. You can also choose replacement services instead of fixing the headliner in your car. Our Orlando auto upholstery shop can discuss options with you, including custom designs. 

    Truck Upholstery Service

    If you need truck upholstery service in Orlando, our shop works on seats and cabs. We can do auto interior repairs or transform the look entirely. Our proficient technicians use high-quality materials and the right tools. Choose from fabric, vinyl, or leather for your truck upholstery service. You can select a new color or have us match the existing one. We also offer custom auto upholstery for trucks. Our experts will deliver a design that you want in the pattern and texture you choose.

    We can repair any fading, tears, punctures, worn-out cushioning, or other damage. If you use the vehicle for work, frequent use and the Florida sun can cause wear and tear. Our Orlando shop specializes in truck cabs and seat upholstery services. Vinyl offers a durable and affordable solution for work vehicles. If your truck is used personally, we can reupholster the seats with leather. Our technicians also perform interior restorations for old Chevy and Ford pickups. Whatever truck upholstery service you need, we can do the job. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the perfect solution for your project.

    Truck Upholstery Shop Orlando

    Motorcycle Seat Upholstery

    Motorcycle Seat Repair Orlando fl

    Florida is the 2nd state after California to have the most motorcycles on the road. The warm weather and sunshine make bikes an ideal mode of transportation. Over time, motorcycle seat upholstery and cushioning wear out. The heat, frequent use, and the number of trips can degrade the leather or vinyl. Riding when you need repairs or restoration gets to be uncomfortable. If you’re near Orlando and looking for “motorcycle seat upholstery shops near me,” contact us. We service Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, and other models. Our local shop offers motorbike seat repair and restoration services. We do foam or gel shaping and can fix all types of passenger seating. The added comfort will give you a smoother ride and minimize the impact on your body.

    For upholstery beyond repair, we can do a complete motorcycle seat restoration. Our technicians will match the make and model, then install new gel or foam padding.

    We’ll completely disassemble and reupholster the motorcycle seat. You can select vinyl or leather in the color and texture you want. Our professionals then reassemble the bike seating and finish the job. Motorcycle seat repair and restoration have many benefits, not just comfort. New upholstery keeps you safer when riding, and you’ll have less muscle stiffness. Motorcycle seat restoration also improves blood flow and posture. Our Orlando shop will work with you on the most suitable solution. After we reupholster the motorcycle seat, you’ll be able to really enjoy the open road.


    Vehicle Interior Repair Services

    We offer a wide range of vehicle interior repair services to the Greater Orlando, FL area. Our local shop works with leather, vinyl, fabric, and custom upholstery. Car interior repairs can restore a classic or upgrade a luxury. Reupholstery also helps you maintain the vehicle you regularly use. Our repair services increase the resale value of your car, truck, SUV, van, or RV.

    Here are some common upholstery repairs we perform across the Orlando, FL area. We offer in-shop and mobile services. 

    • Repair Convertible Tops
    • Vinyl Dashboard Repairs
    • Car Interior Leather Repairs
    • Car Seat Cover Replacement
    • Truck Seating and Cab Interiors
    • Leather and Vinyl Steering Wheel Covers
    • Car Roof Upholstery and Auto Headliners
    • RV Furniture and Captain Chair Reupholstery
    • Leather and Vinyl Car Seat Upholstery Repairs

    Full Service Auto Upholstery Shop Serving Greater

    Not only do we do car interior repairs, but we also offer full services for all different types of vehicles. For years, our automotive upholstery shop has been serving Greater Orlando, FL. We service cars, convertibles, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, vans, and SUVs.

    Here are some auto upholstery projects that we do in-shop:

    • Motorcycles: We perform motorbike seat repairs, reupholstery, and restoration services. Most seating is made of leather or vinyl, which is our specialty. 
    • RVs: Our Orlando shop does interior reupholstery on furniture and seating in motorhomes. We can refurbish Captain Chairs in RVs if you have one. Our technicians also can replace the cover on the camper’s steering wheel with leather or vinyl.
    • Convertibles: If you’re searching for “convertible top replacement near me,” look no further. We have your needs covered in Greater Orlando, FL. We replace and repair convertible tops with fresh vehicle upholstery. We also offer custom car seat cover installation for convertibles.
    • Passenger Vehicles: Choose leather, vinyl, fabric, or custom auto upholstery for your vehicle. Our Orlando, Florida shop specializes in car seat restoration services. We’re highly skilled in color matching and dyeing for leather upholstery. Other full services include custom car headliner fabric installation and roof upholstery replacement. Our professionals can give your steering wheel a new leather or vinyl cover. We also replace and install seat covers if you don’t need complete reupholstery services.
    • Trucks: Our local Orlando shop reupholsters truck cabs and seating, including passenger rows. Choose from vinyl, leather, or fabric materials in the color and style you want. We work on all makes and models, including old, classic pickup trucks.

    Why Choose Us

    We’re the clear choice when selecting the “best shop for automotive upholstery near me” in Orlando. Our local shop services all different types of vehicles, unlike our competitors. We offer fair prices and guarantee customer satisfaction with every job we complete. We serve the Greater Orlando area, including Orange and surrounding Counties. Our highly skilled technicians deliver professional results. You can rely on us for auto interior repairs and any other vehicle upholstery projects. We use premium materials that hold up to the Florida temperatures and sun. Our experts offer motorcycle seat upholstery services and replace or repair convertible tops. We also service the interior of motorhomes where we can refurbish older models. You can select which type of upholstery you want. We offer leather, vinyl, fabric, or custom options.

    Choose us for your luxury or classic car restoration project for show-stopping results. We also work on standard passenger vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and vans. We specialize in leather car seat restoration and color matching and dyeing. Instead of repairing vinyl upholstery, you can upgrade with premium leather. Our Orlando shop also offers mobile services to fix headliners in cars. You can select the best vehicle upholstery for your interior when you choose us. Customers across Greater Orlando trust us for car interior repairs and restoration services. We work with you to deliver a long-lasting look you’ll love.

    Another reason to choose us is that you can get a free quote! Contact our auto upholstery shop in Orlando, FL, for the best prices. Call 689-214-4914 for more information or submit the online form and add a photo. We look forward to serving you!

    In-Shop and Mobile Services Available

    We offer mobile and in-shop upholstery services to Greater Orlando, Florida. Our experts can come out to perform minor repairs on your vehicle. For full service, you can bring your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV to the shop. We also do custom automotive upholstery jobs in our facility, which has plenty of space.

    Request our mobile services to fix headliners in cars or other minor issues. We’ll dispatch our technicians to your vehicle for the auto upholstery repair. Extensive jobs like taking out car seats need to be done in our Orlando shop. We offer free quotes, so you can ask us if we provide mobile services for your project.

    Get in touch with us at 689-214-4914 to schedule service or fill out the form for a free quote.

    Request Your Free Quote

    Request your free quote today on any of our vehicle upholstery services in the Orlando area. Let us know if you need auto interior repairs or restoration for your car, truck, RV, or motorcycle seat. You can fill out the online form and attach a picture or give us a call at 689-214-4914. Once we know the type of upholstery project you need, we can discuss your options. You can choose leather, vinyl, or fabric for your vehicle’s interior. Our local shop can also work with you on a design for custom automotive upholstery. We offer competitive pricing and guarantee professional results. 

    Serving Greater Orlando, Florida, contact us for the “best automotive upholstery near me.” We look forward to hearing from you!

    Areas We Service

    We provide expert auto upholstery services in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas, including Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Sanford, Clermont, Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Leesburg, Ocala, New Smyrna Beach, Palm Bay, St Cloud, Mt Dora, Eustis, Clermont, Wildwood, Lakeland, and more!