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For those in Orlando looking for “RV upholstery near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Our local shop services furniture and seating in motorhomes and campers. New vehicle upholstery can update an antiquated style or repair interior damage and headliners repairs. Choose from leather, vinyl, or cloth fabrics to restore your RV. We also offer custom furniture and seat upholstery services. You can design the interior of your motorhome to reflect your style. We’re one of the few upholstery shops in Orlando, Florida, to service RVs. Our technicians have precision and skills that deliver professional results. We’ll restore the interior and make your camper feel more like home. 

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motorhome upholstery Orlando FL

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    Motorhome Reupholstery Orlando

    If you recently purchased an old RV and want to restore it, our Orlando shop can help you. We offer motorhome reupholstery services to repair or transform your camper. Choose from contemporary vinyl, classic leather, or cloth to update the interior. Our technicians can also install custom furniture and seat upholstery in motorhomes. You can create the best look that suits your style and taste. Our reupholstery services are perfect for refurbishing an outdated look. We can also repair or replace a sagging headliner or vinyl dashboard in your motorhome. Our Orlando, FL automotive upholstery shop also installs steering wheel covers. Updating your camper will make it look and feel new.

    Request your free quote on motorhome reupholstery services today. Call us at 689-214-4914 or send in the online form with pictures attached. We look forward to renovating your home on wheels.

    RV Upholstery Services Orlando

    Captain Chair Reupholstery Orlando

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    Some RVs feature the luxurious comfort of a Captain Chair in the front. Often a driver’s seat, some campers include an additional one for a passenger. We offer Captain Chair reupholstery services to the Greater Orlando area. If you want to revamp an outdated look or repair damage, we can restore the seating. You can select leather or vinyl for the seat upholstery. Create a new custom style or keep the existing color and texture. Captain Chair reupholstery will make your leisurely travels more comfortable and enjoyable. Few shops in Orlando, Florida, offer seat restoration services for RVs. Our team has experience reupholstering numerous models of campers and motorhomes.

    Contact us for a free quote on seat upholstery services for your RV’s Captain Chair in Orlando. Call 689-214-4914 or submit the online form where you can attach a picture. Our experts will give you a free estimate and go over your options.

    RV Interior Reupholstery Orlando

    Let us renovate your RV’s interior with our reupholstery services. If you have an old camper that needs some TLC, our shop can help! We reupholster seating and furniture in RVs in the Orlando, FL area. If you bought a used RV or let yours sit for a while, it may look outdated or have some damage. We can install new interior vehicle upholstery to make your motorhome more modern. You can choose premium leather, durable vinyl, or cloth fabrics. Our experts will work with you on the pieces that need reupholstery. Our Orlando shop also offers custom services for RVs. You can be the interior designer of your camper and choose the exact look you want. You can select the colors, patterns, textures, and styles for the furniture.

    Start today by getting a free quote on RV interior reupholstery services in Orlando, FL. Contact our shop by phone at 689-214-4914 or fill out the online form. You can attach photos for us to assess your motorhome upholstery project. Our local shop looks forward to assisting you!

    Motorhome Reupholstery Orlando

    RV Upholstery Replacement Cost Orlando

    RV upholstery replacement costs vary depending on the scope of work and materials. More extensive projects involve restoring every piece of furniture and seating. Reupholstery for one Captain Chair will cost less than restoring the entire RV. You can choose from vinyl, leather, or fabric materials. Leather seat upholstery has a higher price because of its premium quality. Our Orlando shop offers free quotes and can look at the work that needs to be done. We’ll also ask how often the RV will be used. Vinyl upholstery or synthetic leather costs less and is durable. This material may best suit your family’s needs. If you want, we can replace all of the upholstery in the RV. However, you may only want certain areas restored, which factors into the cost.

    Get your free quote by calling us at 689-214-4914 to discuss your project. You can also send photos to our auto upholstery shop using the form on the page. Our Orlando team looks forward to refurbishing your RV to showcase your style.

    RV Upholstery Near Me

    When searching for “RV upholstery near me” in the Orlando area, you're in luck. Our shop is one of the few that has experience working on all styles of motorhomes. We can refurbish the interior of your RV with new upholstery. Our technicians work with leather, vinyl, and cloth fabrics. You can have us reupholster seats and other furniture inside the camper. Our automotive upholstery shop will make your motorhome more comfortable and enjoyable.

    Stop searching for “RV upholstery near me” in Orlando and contact us! Get a free quote by calling us today at 689-214-4914 or filling out the form. Our team looks forward to serving you!